Keratin Lash Lift

A keratin lash lift is a service where we treat and perm the client's natural lashes so the client will not need to curl their lashes with a lash curler. We perm the lashes to curl and lift the eyelashes allowing them to be visible. We then treat it with Keratin to condition and thicken the lashes. The results are natural and last up to 2 months. Clients have experienced their lashes growing longer over time due to the fact they no longer crimp and potentially pull out their natural lashes daily with a lash curler. The results also lift and curl much more naturally and visibly than a lash curler could. If you are interested in improving the look of your lashes, contact The L.A.B. SD today. 


The L.A.B. SD Offers Keratin Lash Lift in Chula Vista, CA
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